A company with over 50 years of experience

A company with over 50 years of experience

KOWNATZKI PREMIUM GEARS was founded in 1965 and started as a small garage firm producing drive elements. Today a highly skilled work force of more than 70 employees design and manufacture gears, gear boxes and drive elements in a modern 5000 sqm shop. An experienced team of technicians operate the most advanced tooling machines to meet our high-quality standards. Precision and skill combined with flexibility and diligence form the basis of our growing business. Because of these values we are a sought-after partner in the gear manufacturing and machinery service business.

Company History


Expansion of KPG and foundation of Gear Box and Generator Service. Construction of rotor shop at headquarter in Wehr.



Foundation of Kownatzki Premium Gears GmbH (KPG)



Today, after 2 further building additions, together more than 5000 square meters of production area, high quality parts for mechanical drive technology is being produced.


Co-development and production of gears for the largest clock tower of the world in Mecca.


Development of a vertical CNC gear hobbing machine for shafts up to 6000 mm length and a diameter of up to 900 mm.


Development and production of in-house tools for the manufacturing of crown gears.


The technology of internal gear grinding for the aviation industry was introduced.


After 2 production buildings a new administration building was added.


Introduction of a new gear grinding machine K400. This is an in-house developed and built machine.


Move to Öflingen in Wehr into our own company building.


The KOWNATZKI Gears and Transmission Company was founded by the twins Günter and Werner Kownatzki in Bad Säckingen.